Depression – what it is


Before you start reading, you tried knowledge “What do you know about depression?” Is it possible to leave before the end.

What is depression?

Depression among the mood disorders and talking about pathological grief. When a person loses someone close, it’s sad, it’s understandable. From depression, but also to understand the reasons for mood or completely absent, or not strong enough, so it can decrease mood, to himself, to call. If untreated, depression lasts about six months (but this is very individual, so it could be much smaller and much more), and there is a tendency to return. In more severe forms there is a greater risk of suicidal acts is about 10% of people in severe depression, suicide attempts. Major depressive disorder affects about 3% of the population. The probability of meeting with an episode of depression throughout life is for the healthy person approximately 17%.Depression: I’m cleaning in the garage with all the tools it was really necessary. I think that this should be happy, but I feel nothing. I do not care, however, as all. Only I walk or sit. I don’t want to eat, teeth. Phone I a month ago, and I can’t charge it. I can’t wish for nothing but death. Scares me the idea that it will be on always, and still in vain I gather the strength to this put an end to.

Depression in comparison to depressive disorders. Between these concepts experts have identified. Depression is such a usual, popular concept of a sad mood. Depressive disorder is a disease that meets the criteria in accordance with the textbooks of diagnosis. When someone shares with partner a week walks like a body without a soul and has no taste, and then it gradually, so, that was is a normal reaction to a sad event. When someone has had a similar decline in two months, maybe even for no apparent reason, it may be depressive disorder. Here, because it is not designed for specialists, but “normal people” can’t be with each other, these two concepts always strictly completely.

What are the symptoms of depression?

The main psychological symptoms include sadness, tearfulness, decreased self-esteem, a sense of hopelessness and lack of joy. Typical is indecision, indecision and the constant fall of some of the ideas and thinking of possibilities, not a must some kind of result (the so-called ruminace). People can be weak (anti-aliased), or, conversely, anxiety and  (developing increased activity). If we are talking about a deadly form of depression, anxiety may develop into a so-called raptus melancholicus, which is negotiations and interested maybe even mortally hurt yourself and/or someone from the environment (extended suicide – more sebevrazda psychoweb). Often ideas – people must feel that he suffers from a serious, incurable disease.Can cause slowing of mental activity (speech, thinking, decision-making, etc.) that looks like dementia. In the period after the depression, but also returns the original mental activity.


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