Erogan better potency and healthier penis

Potency: a fragile blessing According to the research, Erogan in our country, up to half a million men can be affected by this problem which in many cases, yes it could be handled. Reasons and grounds services dr. Attila Varga, associate professor, urologist-andrológus attending, BUT OEC Urological Clinic Andrológus Centre professional director talking.

Erogan helps erectile dysfunction

Erogan helps erectile dysfunctionThe men with Erogan erectile dysfunction (in medical terms erectile dysfunction) in very large numbers occur in the world. Statistical surveys according to the 40 and 70 years among men and nearly half suffer from varying degrees of Zhiznenata-Energiya erectile dysfunction, while in the 40-50 year-olds have one-third of 50-60-year-olds have half the people aged 60 and above has nearly 80 percent of the affected. These data indicate, therefore, that the disturbance is the main factor of aging, with physical and mental changes, which are in the Erogan background of the male sex hormone testosterone decrease. Of course, the aging of accompanying diseases, long-standing addictions can further worsen the situation.

May be only psychological or only Erogan physical causes of erectile dysfunction? Of course, it is possible that erectile dysfunction in the background of only psychological or only physical reasons, today’s knowledge, it can be stated that the disturbances behind 80 percent physical cause. The psychological factors include diseases, such as depression, psychosis may be in the background, but Erogan the performance from fear, anxiety, stress, personal life, relationship problems psychological reason may lead. The erectile dysfunction this form of young more common.

Most of the physical causes, in particular cardiovascular-vascular diseases, nervous system diseases, Erogan  metabolic diseases, hormonal disorders, prostate disorders, pelvic surgery can cause erectile dysfunction. The two reasons, however, combined to offset each other, the physical reason for erectile dysfunction, psychological reasons build may be aggravating the situation.

Erogan for other diseases and indicator of erectile dysfunction

Erogan for other diseases and indicator of erectile dysfunctionVery often other disease symptoms to prevent from the erectile dysfunction, this can call our attention to previously unknown, undiagnosed disease. Primarily Erogan the heart and vascular betegedések, high cholesterol and blood fat levels caused by atherosclerosis, the high blood pressure disease those about which knowledge we can get of erectile dysfunction investigation. In this way, I don’t know diseases will be discovered, treat them, and later to serious complications they can be prevented.

What other diseases, medicines, medical Erogan treatments can trigger erectile dysfunction? The heart-vascular diseases, high blood pressure in diabetes, which increases the erectile dysfunction occur the risk of. But beidegzési disorders, hormonal disorders, prostate diseases can be due to erectile dysfunction. Well known high blood pressure used to treat what drugs (beta-blockers, diuretics), your stomach acid fun with drugs of some of, the psychiatry is used in some medicines unwanted side effects, the erectile dysfunction occurs. The excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, certain bodybuilding drugs, drugs also play a role with erectile dysfunction formation.

The surgery of the pelvic cancer surgery solution (prostate, rectum) can cause Erogan erectile dysfunction, but this can lead to pelvic irradiation or prostate cancer medication treatment. The concerned men the proportion turning to the doctor with this problem? Clinical studies have shown that the erectile dysfunction in men approximately 10 percent of affected. So today in Hungary more than 500 000 men suffering from Erogan the erectile disorder a milder or more severe form. At the same time, the complainants only 20-25 per cent go to the doctor and ask for help to resolve.

How much time after they go to Erogan the doctor? The doctor turned to date is fairly diverse, but the majority was already for months, often years suffer from erectile dysfunction. Rare the who has some failure after visit to the andrológus or urology specialist. When to see a doctor (how much time, how much negative experience)?

Single failure a single failure is not necessarily a problem. Erectile dysfunction, Erogan erectile dysfunction about because then we are talking about, if the sexual life is necessary erection is not created, or not sufficient, or not sufficient period of time, and this is the condition of mind back-frequently occur or persist. In such a case, necessarily suggest that the men consult a urologist or andrológus specialist. What can men and couples that are trying to improve the situation?

In any case it is advisable first to the lifestyle in available Erogan harmful habits to eliminate, smoking abandonment, excessive alcohol consumption, excess weight reduction can be recommended. The stress, the tension to reduce need to seek healthy and exercise regularly, try to maintain organization. It is essential for the underlying physical or psychological reason find out the treatment.

The erectile dysfunction of the relationship in both parties, so the man and the woman are equally affected, therefore, it is advisable to the problem to share and discuss with your partner, because together is easier to find a solution. The surveys also show that early medical help for those men who are embarrassed about openly talking with a fellow. The openness of the board in relation to the doctor’s turn to Erogan create the effective treatment possibility, because today we have a medicine that the erectile disorder men nearly eighty percent of effective effective.